Investments for people and the economic hub

ASFINAG invests up to one billion euros every year in the motorway and expressway network. In 2018, it was about EUR 935 billion.

Providing relief to residential areas, developing regions and also adding to capacities where necessary: The infrastructure investments are intended to benefit the people and the economy in Austria. Numerous major projects were started last year with these objectives in mind, including two additional bridges in addition to the Voestbrücke bridge on the A 7 Mühlkreis motorway in Linz, the Drasenhofen bypass as an extension of the A5 North motorway and the second tube of the Karawanken tunnel on the A 11 Karawanken motorway in Carinthia.

The three-lane extension of the A1 West motorway from Matzleinsdorf to Pöchlarn was completed, widening it continuously between Steinhäusl in front of Vienna and the Voralpenkreuz junction in Upper Austria.

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In 2018, we invested in new routes and the maintenance of our network in equal measure. In this way, we guarantee a long-lasting infrastructure and ensure that traffic no longer passes through cities and municipalities, but instead travels on safe highways and expressways. Tunnel safety and tunnel extension were also again key focal points for ASFINAG.

Josef Fiala und Hartwig Hufnagl

Executive Board of ASFINAG

Green light for the new Karawanken tunnel

The full extension of the Karawanken tunnel on the A 11 Karawanken motorway signalled the end for oncoming traffic in one tunnel tube and the summer traffic jams. The official start for the new construction of the second tube took place with a ceremonial start to tunnelling work on 18 September 2018. The development of this important north-south link between Austria and Slovenia is co-financed by the EU. Over the next five years, the nearly eight-kilometre-long second tunnel tube will be excavated from both sides of the mountain massif.

The tunnel breakthrough is due to take place in 2022, followed by the interior construction work and the installation of state-of-the-art safety equipment. The new tunnel is scheduled to be opened to traffic in spring 2024, followed by the general refurbishment of the existing tunnel by 2026.

The contractors, our service providers and we have been working 24 hours a day since the start so as to be able to complete this important transport link in 2024. In 2026, we will have two modern tunnels that guarantee the highest possible standards of safety for everyone.

Andreas Karlbauer

New Construction project leader, ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH

Major projects: a new focus on Linz

The expansion of the Voestbrücke bridge on the A 7 Mühlkreis motorway, which is currently under way, will mean a significant improvement for traffic. The 100,000 drivers who cross the Danube every day will cross using four additional lanes – on the two new bypass bridges to the left and right of the main bridge. With the completion of the two new bridges, the latter will only be used from 2020 onwards by through traffic in the direction of Mühlviertel and the A 1 West motorway.

In September, ASFINAG awarded the construction contract for the A 26 Linz motorway planned west of the provincial capital. An Austro-Italian joint venture is building the first section, the suspension bridge with junctions on both banks of the Danube.

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We are implementing two of the most important and complex motorway projects in Austria in Linz. Our goals for the people of the provincial capital and the thousands of customers from the catchment area are less congestion and more traffic safety, especially when driving across the Danube.

Martin Pöcheim

Group leader Upper Austria, ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH

The Weinviertel moves closer to Vienna and St. Pölten

The five-kilometre Drasenhofen bypass – which is the extension of the A 5 North motorway towards the state border – will relieve the people of this region of through traffic. Construction work commenced in April 2018, and it is scheduled to be opened to traffic in September 2019. Construction work will continue further west on the S 3 Weinviertler expressway between Hollabrunn and Guntersdorf until 2020.

The new section of the S 3 provides relief for the heavy traffic on the B 303 and, thanks to the optimum connection to Vienna or St. Pölten, will in future provide shorter routes for commuters.

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Both projects are important ones for people living in the Weinviertel and through which we are pursuing central goals: connecting economic areas, cutting transit traffic and improving road safety.

Arno Piko

Department Manager ASFINAG Construction Management GmbH

Green light for the S 1 and the Lobau tunnel

Environmental impact assessment completed: The Federal Administrative Court ruled in favour of the S 1 Vienna outer ring expressway with the Lobau tunnel. The EIA process for the route from Schwechat to Süßenbrunn took almost ten years. This final missing section of the bypass of the federal capital will provide relief for the A 23 Südosttangente motorway in Vienna, the Marchfeld region and the 22nd district of Vienna.

There was also a positive EIA decision last year for the five-kilometre-long connection of the S 1 to the nearby urban development areas, the Aspern Seestadt area.

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The EIA process for the S 1 with the Lobau tunnel was one that required considerable patience. It is therefore all the more gratifying that the Federal Administrative Court finally confirmed the way to optimally protect man and nature. Like other major cities, Vienna also needs an efficient bypass ring that distributes traffic. In 2018, we came a great deal closer to implementing the final phase.

Alexander Walcher

Managing Director ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH

New construction of the Inzersdorf elevated highway as a best practice construction site

ASFINAG opened the Inzersdorf elevated road on the A 23 Südosttangente motorway in Vienna to traffic in 2018, five months earlier than planned. The new structure can be considered a best practice construction site: The some four-kilometre-long elevated road was built while remaining open to traffic and virtually free of traffic jams.

The overall project lasted eight years and comprised four major construction phases. The new noise barrier, up to five metres high, protects 4,500 direct neighbours from traffic noise.

Construction work on the new Inzersdorf elevated road was very successful. We also owe this to the great discipline shown by drivers. This project has certainly been one of the largest and most complex in recent years.

Brigitte Müllneritsch

Head of the Vienna cluster, ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH

Traffic managers are in use in the greater Linz area

Following the successful example set in Vienna, ASFINAG Traffic Managers have been on the road for more than 100 motorway kilometres in Linz and the surrounding area since April 2018. In the central region of Upper Austria, traffic figures are rising steadily, making rapid intervention in the event of traffic obstructions all the more necessary. The traffic managers provide professional support to the emergency services – for example by quickly securing accident or breakdown cars or diverting traffic past obstructions.

This prevents traffic jams from forming or keeps them within tolerable limits. The respective area covers the A 1 West motorway, the A 7 Mühlkreis motorway, the A 8 Innkreis motorway and the A 25 Wels motorway. The twelve-member team is stationed at the modern traffic management centre in Wels.

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