With almost 2,800 employees, ASFINAG is one of the larger employers in Austria. Each and every one of them makes a significant contribution to ensuring that ASFINAG fulfils its mission and provides customers with a secure infrastructure. As a responsible employer, ASFINAG therefore also further develops the framework conditions for all employees as required, such as through flexible working models like home office, parental leave management and a health initiative.

Home office brings more flexibility

Not only the working environment and the demands made of employees are constantly changing, but also the living situations of employees require more flexible models of work input. ASFINAG has decided to follow this trend by offering the possibility of spending a working day in the home office, i.e. at home. The pilot project started in 2017 with 41 people and was evaluated at the end of the year both by the employees themselves and by their executives.

On the basis of these results, the framework conditions were further developed to such an extent that a company agreement was negotiated and the model was rolled out throughout the company in January 2018.

ASFINAG is an attractive employer and should continue to be so in the future. That is why we pay particular attention to the needs of our employees and are constantly developing new or existing services such as home office and parental leave management.


ASFINAG Executive Director

Home office is a clear win-win situation for everyone involved. Employees are more flexible in scheduling their work and can better allocate available times both for their professional and private lives. In addition, the trust of the employer has a positive effect on productivity.


Head of Human Resources, ASFINAG Holding

Training for young people in five professions

ASFINAG has set itself the goal of training one percent of all employees as apprentices by 2020. In order to keep up with the times, in 2017, in addition to the already existing apprenticeships, a fifth future-proof profession was introduced. 17 apprentices are currently completing their apprenticeship at ASFINAG in the professions of office clerk, IT technology and IT informatics, electrical engineering and (new) finance and accounting assistance.

In order to guarantee the professional training and support of the apprentices, it was important for ASFINAG to continue training the specialist trainers as well. The focus in 2017 was on labour law aspects and social skills in particular.

We enable young people to complete a good education in a large and stable company that also has excellent development opportunities. Our apprentices will thus become the knowledge-bearers of tomorrow.


Human Resources, ASFINAG Holding

A role model in terms of corporate culture

In order to further develop the corporate culture at ASFINAG, employees and managers analysed the existing culture and defined measures in several large workshops in 2017. The main topics relate in particular to leadership skills, error culture, communication flow, decisions, recognition and proper feedback.

Only together can we improve and develop the corporate culture; therefore we want to generate enthusiasm among all employees and the entire management team for this process. Anyone can be a role model so that the entire company ultimately becomes a role model by itself.


ASFINAG Executive Director

A good corporate culture has many faces. It starts with the error culture, which should be a learning culture. Respectful feedback is just as much a part of it as clear and understandable communication of the decisions.


Managing Director ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH

Healthy employees are the foundation of the company

In order to maintain and promote the health of its employees, ASFINAG embarked on the establishment of a health management system in 2017. The goal is to build health resources and reduce stress, with health being considered in all its diversity – physical, mental and social. The first major projects in 2017 were a “break kit”, consisting of a Thera-Band with exercise instructions, a company-wide, voluntary colon cancer screening programme and the acquisition of a “healthmobile”.

This enables healthcare to be brought directly to employees by visiting all sites at regular intervals. The bus is equipped with special measuring devices to measure, among other things, the condition of the abdominal and back muscles, the shape and function of the spine or the general mobility. The employee protection team is responsible for promoting health on a sustainable and comprehensive basis.

The employees are the heart of a company. Paying attention to their health and offering appropriate support programmes is also part of the responsibility of an attractive employer.


Managing Director ASFINAG Service GmbH

Our job is to develop a diverse and attractive offer that includes the right support for each and every employee.


Health Management, ASFINAG Service GmbH

Work and family must be compatible

Starting a family does not only bring changes for employees, but often also for the company. The goal of ASFINAG is to improve employee satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to the company. Various new parental management measures allow mothers and fathers to reconcile work and family in the best possible way. Thus, for example, a return scenario and contact opportunities must be planned before the leave begins.

The redundancy and dismissal protection during the phase of parental part-time work has been extended and a baby package to support young families has been introduced.

Family time is something very important in life. That’s why I also took paternity leave and am grateful to ASFINAG and my colleagues for ensuring that this principle is upheld. That’s what makes a modern company.


Project Leader Bau Management GmbH

State-of-the-art workstations for cutting-edge technology

The use of the latest and most complex technologies, especially in tunnels, also requires constant adaptation of the “work infrastructure”. ASFINAG has therefore rebuilt and modernised the traffic management centre at St. Jakob in Tyrol. In 2017, the 14 operators, which had been relocated to the former tunnel control centre at Imst 40 kilometres away, were able to return to their modernized workplace.

Instead of the previous 140,000 data points, 400,000 data points now converge in the revamped traffic management centre, which are processed or monitored by the operators and the new system. To make room for the new large video wall, the entire room had to be turned by 90 degrees.

ASFINAG invests a lot in safety and above all in tunnel safety. The latest technologies are used. And, of course, we also make sure that our systems and the employees’ workplaces are modern and efficient.


Head of the Electromechanical Maintenance Department, ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH

Safer on the road with innovations

Every little change in the weather situation can have a major impact on the road conditions and thus on the safety of customers. Proven techniques and new approaches make it possible for the responsible employees in the motorway maintenance depots to plan their deployments on time and with pinpoint accuracy. The new “Weather 2.0” system – with the data coming from UBIMET – has been providing forecasts for 240 so-called microclimate sections since autumn 2017, including forecasts of temperature and precipitation (rain or snow), snow line, wind speed and lightning.

In addition, weather warnings, the ASFINAG cameras, construction site information and current traffic reports can be displayed.

We developed the user interface together with our employees because they work with it every day. Among other things, it is now also possible to adjust the basic settings for each motorway maintenance agency. Employees can see the weather forecast that is important to them at the touch of a button.


Project Leader Maut Service GmbH