Foreword by the Federal Minister Norbert Hofer

Mobility is a fundamental need of our society. A reliable, secure and well-developed infrastructure is indispensable here. ASFINAG is responsible for more than 2,200 kilometres of motorways and expressways and is among the top European motorway operators. The goals of ASFINAG: Avoiding accidents and subsequent fatalities by means of the best possible infrastructure and traffic information, connecting economic areas, improving the flow of traffic and offering needs-based solutions for road users and residents. The positive result for the 2017 financial year shows that ASFINAG is also leading the way in economic terms as well.

As transport minister, road safety is particularly important to me. Every accident is one too many. ASFINAG invests every second euro, i.e. more than EUR 500 million per year, in measures to improve road safety – no compromises are made when it comes to tunnel safety.

The need for mobility and the volume of traffic are growing, and with them the challenges facing road operators. Simply put, the road is there for driving and not for stopping. By modernising the infrastructure and safeguarding optimum network maintenance, ASFINAG helps people to reach their destination as quickly as possible and without any traffic jams.

This is all tied to extensive investment. And to ensure that this continues to be the case in the future, it is important to maintain the economically successful course. ASFINAG enjoys an excellent position, investing with foresight in the infrastructure. ASFINAG is financed through the proceeds from toll stickers and truck tolls and has become a best practice model for other countries. With an annual investment volume of one billion euro, ASFINAG is also an engine driving the domestic economy and the employment market.

As an innovative company, ASFINAG is also a trendsetter when it comes to the transport of tomorrow. Automated driving will have a lasting impact on mobility. ASFINAG already offers test conditions, unique throughout Europe, for automated driving. E-mobility is an important part of efforts to reduce negative climate and environmental effects. ASFINAG is increasing the number of e-charging stations along the network and securing the supply of renewable energy.

However, the company’s greatest asset is its some 2,700 employees. ASFINAG’s teams on motorways and expressways work around the clock to ensure that we all arrive safely and comfortably at our destination. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees for their dedication. The success and good economic performance of ASFINAG are due, above all, to them.

Norbert Hofer

Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation, and Technology

Foreword by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Peter Franzmayr

First of all, I would like to thank all the employees who, through their dedicated commitment, helped ASFINAG to end 2017 on a positive commercial and economic note again. As the newly elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board, I would like to expressly thank the management responsible up to now and the departing members of the Supervisory Board for their commitment. The successful course of ASFINAG is also set to be continued in the new composition of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board.

Well-developed motorways and expressways do not happen by themselves and are not a given. In addition, the expectations of a properly functional infrastructure are increasingly higher. Our shared challenge is to meet the high expectations of users, while at the same time being efficient in doing business and meeting our social responsibility vis-à-vis our employees.

The ASFINAG model of being a customer-financed road operator that reinvests revenues in the network is a pioneering one in Europe and guarantees that investments of one billion euro every year can continue to be made without public subsidies. The main focus of this course is on people: offering new high-quality routes where cities and towns are congested by traffic, building where the population and economy really need it.

There is no time for a break on the way to be becoming one of the top highway operators in Europe. We also want to improve service quality and safety standards in the future. The highest levels of dedication are also required because the future of mobility is already upon us, including the challenge of rising traffic volumes as well as digitalisation, automated driving and e-mobility: ASFINAG is keeping up with the times with initiatives such as the Digital Toll Sticker and the ambitious programme to expand the network of e-charging stations.

Together with my colleagues on the Supervisory Board, I am convinced that ASFINAG will remain a reliable partner on Austria’s motorways and expressways thanks to its good economic performance and service. ASFINAG’s motivated and well-trained employees will continue to ensure this in the future through their commitment!

Peter Franzmayr

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Foreword by the Board of Management

ASFINAG is on the right track. 2017 was also very pleasing from a commercial standpoint, and a net profit was generated again. ASFINAG did not receive any public grants here, with all investments in Austrian motorways and expressways being made under our own steam. Our customers are at the heart of all investments: a high service level, the use of innovative technologies, current traffic information and road safety are our top priority.

This was also reflected in our 2017 construction programme. The focus was on improving road safety, reducing road stress and creating an optimum link between residential and business areas. For instance, the expansion of the A5 North motorway relieves local communities from the burden of heavy traffic. Two tunnel tubes, such as for the Gleinalm and Perjen tunnels, significantly improve safety. When renovating existing routes, there have been and continue to be very particular challenges to solve, such as for Austria’s largest set of roadworks on the A23 Südosttangente motorway in Vienna, which was renovated without being closed to traffic.

In total, ASFINAG invests around one billion euro every year in the motorways and expressways, making it an important economic factor and helping it to secure thousands of jobs. For all investments, the issue of sustainability is ever present: as such, ensuring the greatest possible protection of the environment and neighbours as well as supporting e-mobility by constructing new e-charging stations are pillars of our future strategy.

ASFINAG is also fit for the future when it comes to tolls. The Digital Toll Sticker, which was introduced in 2017, makes it possible to process car tolls even quicker and easier online at any time of the day or night. The fact that over 1.2 million Digital Toll Stickers have been sold demonstrates that the new product has been well-received by our customers. At the same time, preparations were also made for a new truck and bus toll system. The focus here is on ensuring the highest levels of security and when making payments while keeping handling as easy as possible.

ASFINAG’s success is also always due to the hard work of its employees. Without their commitment and dedication, ASFINAG would be unable to enjoy the success it has. They are the key factor that, by using technological innovations and making prudent investments, will enable ASFINAG to maintain its position as one of the best highway operators in Europe in the future.

Karin Zipperer and Klaus Schierhackl

ASFINAG Executive Directors