In 2017, ASFINAG focused on customer orientation. From the new digital toll sticker to innovative communication channels at rest areas and a clear, user-oriented website to the new generation of information displays – the range of new services and products is considerable.

Click or stick: the Digital Vignette has arrived.

In 2017, ASFINAG launched a new, innovative toll product. 20 years after the introduction of the toll sticker in Austria, ASFINAG has extended the toll offer, in keeping with the time, to include the Digital Vignette. The advantages: no more sticking or scratching as the digital toll sticker is linked to the licence plate – it can be purchased anywhere, any time in the toll shop or online via the ASFINAG app. The Digital Vignette not only represents a major leap in service, but it also helps owners of changeable licence plates to save money since only one Digital Vignette is required for up to three vehicles. The new offer has hit the nail on the head – every third annual toll sticker has already been sold in a digital format.

The modern online shop also allows a combination of several toll products for the first time. In just one purchase process, customers can also book tickets for the digital toll for the Brenner or Tauern motorways, for instance.

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We have extended the toll offer to include a contemporary alternative to the adhesive sticker and the Digital Vignette has arrived perfectly on the market. The change is of course not mandatory: customers have the choice of whether they continue to stick or just want to click. The Digital Vignette is an innovative way to make it even easier to buy the toll sticker – that is a great leap forward in service for our customers.


Managing Director ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH

New ASFINAG website and blog: customers in focus

The website is the business card of a company. On the website of ASFINAG, which was redesigned in 2017, visitors will find up-to-date information about motorways and expressways in an innovative, modern design. User-friendliness and accessibility were the most important criteria for the relaunch. The result is a contemporary online presence where customers can quickly find what they are looking for. In addition, the new website meets all requirements for modern devices.

With the new company blog, ASFINAG also provides an interesting insight into a wide variety of tasks. At the same time, the employees are presented who otherwise, anonymously and with full dedication, ensure a good and safe journey on the motorways and expressways every day.

The focus of the new website,, was clearly on the customers and their interests. Like a good shopkeeper does with his window display, we have also positioned the ASFINAG’s most popular services so that they can be found easily with just one click.


Online team leader, Marketing and Communication department, ASFINAG Holding

700,000 downloads: the ASFINAG app is a hit

Since the launch of the Digital Vignette, the ASFINAG app “Unterwegs” has played an even more prominent role. In addition to the hitherto popular features – access to more than 1,000 webcams and up-to-date traffic information – the app has become a mobile sales centre for toll products. And this with increasing popularity: Digital Vignette and Digital Section Toll are purchased more and more via the “App shop”. The number of downloads increased to 700,000 – more than 300,000 people open the app every month on average.

The new design and the possibility to customise it contributed to this additional popularity. Customers can place their travel times, personal routes or webcam favourites directly on the home page. The most important innovation is the driving companion. As early as upon entering the motorway does he deliver all the information about the route along the next 30 kilometres – without having to enter a defined final destination, as would be the case for a satnav device.

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ASFINAG is a reliable partner when it comes to traffic information and top services. We rely on state-of-the-art technology. Whether it is travel time loss in real time on mobile phones and laptops or the mobile purchase of toll products via app: we are constantly developing the services for our customers. Innovation is our motivation.


Managing Director ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH

With the driving companion, we have developed an seemingly invisible passenger who monitors the situation on the road. This makes the app even more attractive, turning it into an all-rounder for customers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy a Digital Vignette, look for a place to rest or obtain information about the route ahead: with the app you are always well informed on the road.


App Developer, ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH

Comprehensively and interactively informed at rest areas

Always well informed on the road: In 2017, ASFINAG launched two new projects at its rest areas with interactive information posters and LED touch screens.

Regional information and safety tips: Every day, tens of thousands of people use the 50 rest areas provided by ASFINAG to take a break. The rest areas are thus an ideal “meeting point” to introduce customers to useful information. In 2017, the so-called regional windows, i.e. parts of the glazing of the infrastructure lines, were repainted at all locations. In cooperation with tourism partners, they were covered with regional information and safety tips – from how to behave correctly when driving through a tunnel to the emergency corridor. ASFINAG also sets store by “augmented reality” (AR+) – photos are stored by videos and become “moving images” with the help of the mobile phone and the ASFINAG app “Unterwegs”.

With just one touch, however, you get real-time information on the new LED touch screens. Ten rest areas were equipped with these last year. The focus: traffic or construction site reports, wrong-way drivers or weather warnings in real time for a radius of 200 kilometres. However, you also learn everything about the current safety initiative “Hello Life!” or the new Digital Vignette. To ensure that they are easy to use even for people in wheelchairs, ASFINAG has integrated a virtual control panel in the lower area of the monitor. With this, you can easily operate the upper monitor with your fingers like on a large mouse pad.

Our rest areas are very important contact points. We have combined the classic poster with digital media, so-called augmented reality, in the regional windows. Moreover, not only do our touchscreens provide news about the route but also information about the company. It has created a real additional value for our customers.


Head of the Marketing and Communication department, ASFINAG Holding

Happy? New rating system for the break on the motorway

To make customer satisfaction more measurable, ASFINAG has been installing the “Happy or not” customer rating system at all 50 rest areas since the summer of 2017. This system, which is also known from airports – consisting of green to red smileys – makes it possible to react quickly and precisely when the ratings become negative, for example by adjusting the cleaning intervals. By the end of 2017, one million of all visitors to the rest area had given a rating, with 79 percent being positive.

Happily, the ratings are positive, but of course we also see room for improvement. Through this system and the hourly evaluation, which is received by the respectively responsible motorway maintenance agency, we can now respond immediately and provide well-maintained rest stops.


Head of the Operational Maintenance department, ASFINAG Service GmbH

New information exhibition about the A 26 Linz motorway

In 2017, ASFINAG embarked on an entirely new way of communicating major construction projects with an information exhibition about the A 26 Linz motorway. It was made interactive for interested people of all ages and also appealing to technology aficionados. At the Old Town Hall on the main square in Linz, you find out about the planning, construction and operation of the West bypass and also experience technical features in an interactive way. There are exciting insights with many exhibits ranging from tunnel and bridge building to the environment. The exhibition is open for free every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

High-tech point of view: drone use at ASFINAG

Fast and uncomplicated structural inspections without closures: this also benefits motorists. For the first time, ASFINAG tested the use of drones on motorways and expressways with the project “R2F - Ready to fly” in 2017. The focus was on one question: Can a professional and expert examination be carried out using drone images, thus increasing occupational health and safety? The result was convincingly positive. In the future, especially in hard-to-reach areas, “flying eyes” will be used as a means of support.

Above all in the construction documentation of structures, the use of drones opens up new possibilities for us. What’s more, the technology offers tremendous benefits in terms of occupational health and safety and, with this type of inspection, we can also avoid closing lanes, which we would need to do for the large inspection vehicles.


Head of the Asset Management department, ASFINAG Service GmbH

Relief for Zederhaus on the A 10

Noise protection 1.0: Not direct customers, but very important stakeholders of ASFINAG are the people who live near the motorway. After almost four years of construction, the enclosure of the A 10 Tauern motorway near Zederhaus was completed in the summer of 2017. The route goes along the narrow Lungau mountain valley directly next to the community; as a result, 1,200 people have been given optimum noise protection for a higher quality of life. This one-and-a-half-kilometre-long “noise protection tunnel” – the largest environmental relief measure on the Salzburg Tauern route – was filled with 215,000 cubic metres of excavated material that was extracted during the construction of the second tube of the Tauern tunnel. EUR 70 million have been invested by ASFINAG in sustainable noise protection.

Grinding and grooving: research for less noise

Noise protection 2.0: The technique of using saw blades to cut a few millimetres deep grooves lengthwise along the road surface comes mainly from the USA and Germany. These grooves “swallow” sound waves and provide more grip. Water can also drain faster. The method, known in the business as “grinding and grooving”, is an important focus of ASFINAG research efforts, especially with regard to noise protection. In 2017, this procedure was performed on a section around the Steinhäusl junction on the A 1. The procedure will also be tested on the new A 5 North motorway as part of an Austrian-German project under the leadership of ASFINAG.