Annual Report 2014

with integrated sustainability report

To the Foreword:

Foreword by the Federal Minister Alois Stöger.

Road Safety Inspection Team:

„On 365 days a year my 1,500 colleagues and I strive to ensure that you arrive safely and comfortably at your target destination.“

Toll Service:

„All our building and maintenance activities on the road network are funded exclusively from the revenues generated by tolling and toll sticker sales. Thank you for paying your tolls. We assure you that we use these funds responsibly.“

Truck driver:

„All year round I drive all over Europe. I can tell you that the Austrian motorways are in an excellent state and I always feel safe and welcome in the rest areas.“


„As a customer I know what I get for the money I pay for my toll sticker: first class information, well-developed and serviced motorways and rest areas where I like to stop and take a break with my family.“


„It is important to me that my family and I arrive safely at our target destination. Whenever we use the Austrian motorways I always have a good feeling. This is especially due to the modern and well-lit tunnels.“


„By the time I’m old enough to drive my car will most probably run on solar energy and will be driven automatically. But even then we’ll still need motorways.“